Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Customer Is Always Right Until...

I ran across this quote in the letters section of the American Spectator...

“A [wo]man convinced against [her] his will is of the same opinion still. Most husbands learn this in the first year of marriage. Those who do not become ex-husbands.”
-- Bob Johnson
Bedford, Texas
My question to Mr. Johnson is has he never heard of seduction? I get his point, in the final analysis the (wo)man needs to assent voluntarily, but that is not what he explicitly said. So let me try to re-phrase his point….

“The customer is always right until he disagrees with me, at which point, I need to re-consider my position or re-educate the customer. If both efforts fail, he will not be a customer and our original premise holds…The customer is always right until he disagrees with me!


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