Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Profiles In Cowardice

We’ve got our answer on how Ron Majers would deal with being betrayed by top management at ABC News! It seems he has decided he’d like to keep his cushy, well paid job more than save his soul! There was a time when he would threaten to quit over a management decision, but that was when he could enlist a girl whose skirts he could hide behind (Carol Marin) against a low level nothing named Jerry Springer! Faced with dealing with someone higher in the food chain, he resorted to a little “situational ethics” and asked for help deciding whether to call the management of a phone (or cable) company over defective work! At least Roe Conn (the girly boy) took 20 minutes to admit he was embarrassed by ABC’s total lack of ethics! It’s not like anybody can make Ron’s life uncomfortable! He could retire today without a bit of worry. He’d just be out of the limelight. What a Ham!

But of course, cowardice is de rigeur in Chicago. Check out ABC’s story on a cab fare hike.

“George Kasp and a few of his taxi driving friends decided to set a deadline -- if the city doesn't approve a 13.9 percent fare hike by March 20, he's calling on cab drivers to stop answering radio calls for a week.

"It's done out of frustration and desperation is why it's been done. There's been no action whatsoever on this meter increase for 8 months," said George Kasp, cab driver.

That would mean hailing a cab would be the only way to get one. Neighborhood calls for cab service -- and there were 2.63 million of them last year -- would cease.

Since last summer, cab drivers have been petitioning for an increase that would raise the flag pull -- the fee for entering a taxi -- from a-dollar-90 to two-fifty. After that, every mile would go up from $1.60 to $1.80. They would charge an extra 50-cents for additional passengers.

Alderman Tom Allen, chairman of the city council's transportation committee, admits a fair hike is overdue.

"They're entitled to make a fair livable wage, and I think the city is working in that direction. But they're also entitled to take whatever action they want...this is America," said Ald. Allen, (38th Ward).

Consumer Services Commissioner Norma Reyes is key to any agreement. ABC 7 was unable to reach her Wednesday but she reportedly wants some strings attached to a fare hike -- things like better service and better vehicles.

Whether they support a job action or not, most cab drivers told ABC 7 they just want a raise, no strings attached.”

Hell, if I were Mayor Daley I’d fire Norma Reyes' butt today and have the city council approve the fare hike tomorrow!


Blogger Billll said...

If I were Mayor (NOT Daily) of Chicago, I'd tell the hacks to set their own rates.

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