Monday, October 25, 2004

Jeopardy Challenge - "I" Nations


$100 - It was created from a United Nations partition plan adopted in 1947.
$200 - It denied the Allies rights to bases for antisubmarine aircraft thereby leaving a wide gap in air coverage that was exploited by Nazi U-boats during the Battle of the Atlantic.
$300 - It was the site of a 2002 multilateral military occupation not sanctioned by the United Nations.
$400 - This majority Muslim nation that controls the Sunda Strait, recently held a successful presidential election.
$500 - While under American occupation of its capital, an interim government was formed to negotiate conditions under which a future government would operate. Over the subsequent two year period, foreign military insurgents were defeated and then elections to create a new republic were held.

$100 - What is Israel?
$200 - What is Ireland?
$300 - What is the Ivory Coast?
$400 - What is Indonesia?
$500 - What was 1944-46 Italy?


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