Saturday, November 06, 2004

American Thinker #3

I had my third article posted by The American Thinker yesterday. It was edited by the publisher, Thomas Lifson. That's a new experience. All the posts here are not given independent review (not too many editors want to make themselves available @ 5 AM!). If I had thought of it, I would have included this link to Mayor Daley's remarks. Today's edition of the Sun-Times has some follow up articles demonstrating how the pressure is on Daley to clean up his act. One on the Hired Truck Scandal the other on the Porch Collapse Scandal . It seems old habits die hard in Chicago. But if he wants to build bridges, Mayor Daley could start planning a welcome home parade for the Iraqi veterans. Chicago earned the respect of Vietnam veterans by being first to hold their (belated) welcome home parade. This could be an international showcase event by combining our tribute to the vets & Millennium Park. Just a suggestion ;-) in case anyone is reading this!


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