Saturday, October 30, 2004

What Words Mean

The discussion of "gay marriage" is a clear example of the problems caused by an unrestrained judiciary. The term itself is an oxymoron, if you apply the standard dictionary definitions. "Gay" and "marriage" are mutually exclusive given that marriage is a union of a man and a woman.
How does this affect us? We are supposed to be a nation built on respect for the rule of law. Understanding a law depends on using universally understood terms (i.e. standard definitions). People can't just make up their own personal definitions of words without creating anarchy. This was an unintentional insight given to us by Bill Clinton, "it depends on what the meaning of is is". In his case, perjury shouldn't be perjury because of his personal definition of the word is. But the courts disagreed and revoked his law license for the crime of perjury.
We don't need a constitutional amendment to define a word that already has a clear definition. If gays wish to enter into a "civil union", the legislature can consider the matter. But the judiciary undermines its own legitimacy if it changes definitions on its own and thereby creates a form of anarchy.


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