Monday, December 20, 2004

Bummer Dietz - Trojan Horse?

Is Bummer Dietz a Trojan Horse? Something very interesting happened yesterday, Bummer deleted some of my posted comments. Strange behavior from a nominal ally in the quest for justice in the Dan Rathergate affair. It might simply be a fit of pique to be beaten to the punch by an amateur. But let’s consider the Trojan Horse scenario.

Would it make sense for Thornburgh to have someone pretend to be an avenging blogger to get a sense of what they are up to? All we know about him is his nom-de-plume (unlike real bloggers he won’t tell us his real name - could be legal ethics constraints?). He lives in Cyber-California and works for an Enquirer type media outlet (but he hasn’t offered any cash for a good story).

He could be practicing his arguments before a test jury before going into court. Seems plausible. So what has been the subject of discussion? Attorney-client privilege. How an attorney’s work product is protected under law. And he has been trolling for whistleblowers to e-mail him and/or either Thorn burgh (through his law office) or the outside directors as indicated in Viacom’s policy manual. Have we been sending the good hearted into the lion’s den? Maybe, but there is a way to test this theory. Challenge Bummer to put my comments back. After all, they dealt primarily with publicly available documents on file with the SEC that are freely available on the internet. That ensures they are not protected under attorney-client privilege. I’ll grant you, you have to be smart enough to know what to look for, but they are right there. Can you Find Waldo?


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