Friday, January 28, 2005

Command Presence

Eric Liu of Slate magazine wrote a piece on learning command presence from Marine Drill Instructors (click above). I added this comment
You missed the key point! Always tell the truth! Next time try this.
I don't know but I've been TOLD
Puffy Combs is kinda BOLD
Got a piece of J Lo's ASS
Thinks he is the upper CLASS!
Says he is the king of RAP
We all know he's full of CRAP
Gets his rhymes from Dr. SUESS
And his ho's is mighty LOOSE
But when the guns began to ROAR
He was on the limo FLOOR
Semper Fi, Semper FI
All Marine 'til the day I DIE!
Aside to Roe Conn - Try that on Lee Ermey! OH BTW, tell Christina that she's just a French Maid @ heart! Just sex and cleaning around the house all day!


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