Monday, January 10, 2005

Delay Iraqi Election For Sunnis?

Of course not! Why? Consider the Sunnis to be children and turn for advice from Miss Manners Guide To Rearing Perfect Children

“No parent worthy of the name will tolerate a tantrum or outburst. Swift punishment or the technique of treating the offender as a nonperson for the duration of the fit are the standard ways of dealing with this behavior, which fortifies the steadfast parent in maintaining whatever dictum brought it on. How then, is a poor child to register his of her strong disagreement, on an emotional level, and in such a way as to drive the parent bananas without provoking stricter injunctions?
By sulking, of course.
Properly done, a sulk is wildly irritating to the parent, but leaves him or her totally unable to pin a punishable offense on the sulker. It is therefore the ideal revenge of a theoretically powerless person on a supposedly powerful one. Miss Manners is fortunate enough to number among her acquaintances an experienced juvenile sulker who was willing to explain the technique for the benefit of any younger sulkers who may be coming along. She has noticed that it bears a resemblance to an adult weapon , known as “acting huffy”, useful for registering disapproval without open conflict, but readily admits the superiority of the classic sulk.
…What Miss Manners pursued, if the recipient of the sulk refuses to react, either from not having noticed the quiet perfection, or out of a conscious decision to ignore it?
‘Sulk louder,’ said the expert”


Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

If we allow a delay in the election because of pressure we will be admitting weakness. All hell will break loose if we do this; there will NEVER be an election. We simply can`t afford not to go forward.

6:39 PM  

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