Sunday, January 09, 2005

Current Deployment Chart (That's a Map To You, Landlubber)

Click above to see current deployment. Note that the Bonhomme Richard group has moved south of the Abraham Lincoln group to speed aid to cities previously outside the reach of helicopter support from Banda Aceh. And has detached smaller ships (e.g. Milius) to cover offshore islands. The relief effort (at least the U.S. Navy/Marine part) expands daily! And previous posts have detailed the Singaporean & Australian efforts. Isn't it amazing that all of this hasn't been covered by TV, when it would have been child's play to get an embedded reporter aboard the Bonhomme Richard as she sailed past Singapore?
Update 1/9/05 7:56 PM - Also note there is a T-AGS survey ship on it's way from near Japan. Remember, there have been reports of shallowing of the straits to 105 feet! So a survey is essential to restoring safe navigation through some of the busiest sea lanes in the world. Another unseen, but essential Navy capability.


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