Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Marines Have Landed

Now that the Marines have landed here are a few suggestions:

1) It’s time for a Toys For Tots campaign complete with Santa!

2) All you Eagle Scouts take a few minutes whenever you see a bunch of kids and teach them the Hokey Pokey.

3) Order supplies of Hokey Pokey Elmo to leave with the kids.

Memo to John Merrow - Do you think the tsunami crisis will help Armed Forces recruiting on college campuses? Will idealistic college graduates now want to become helicopter pilots? Why join the Peace Corps when you can join the Marine Corps? Or maybe it will be Join the Navy and See the World.
Update 1/8/05 8:12 PM More serious help is on the way. The final element of Australia's 10th Force Support Battalion has departed Queensland for Northern Sumatra.


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