Friday, January 07, 2005

Hi-Tech Solution to the Waste Problem

The Diplomadic blog has an interesting post on the "Turd World". The sum of the argument is that Third World countries stink of human waste and rotting vegetation. So is there a way of avoiding this porblem with the reconstruction money flowing into countries hit by the tsunami?
Let's try this. Install an Anergen anerobic digester combined with a LEW Inc. Microturbine that will run on the raw methane stream from the decomposing wastes. The digester eats the waste giving off a methane stream which is run through the microturbine to create electric power. This is cutting edge waste-to-energy technology and is not too expensive to install. And it creates energy independence for isolated villages where fossil fuels would be expensive and hard to import, while eliminating the noxious wates typically endemic to such villages. It is more capital intensive at first, but is very cost effective longer term. A twofer!!


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