Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kerry Bashes Bush In Baghdad

John Kerry is either very brave or very foolish. He's over in Baghdad irritating everyone in the same manner he irritated American voters. Those supporting elections will dislike him just as Bush voters in the U.S. do. The insurgents will dislike him because he is energizing the government's "base". And the insurgents tend to kill those who upset them! So wear your flak jacket, John!
Update 1//6/05 4:51 PM - Saw Kerry on the news. He was not wearing a flak jacket. The report stated he was also going to Fallujah & Mosul. OK John, let's take it from the top. If you intend to give aid and comfort to the enemy you do it in their capital. She's Hanoi Jane, not Saigon Jane. If you really wanted to do this, you should not have dithered so long. That way you could have gone to Fallujah before the Marines & Army took the city. Now the insurgents have no capital for your stunt. Indecisive and Stupid!
Update 1/8/05 4:34 PM - John Kerry has corrected his mistake and gone to Damascus.


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