Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Diplomad - Trying International Coordination by Blog

"Hey to all from the Land of Oz!
You guys got any dredges you aren't using? I figure we dredge a channel from the Indian Ocean inland a bit and hang a right! Then dredge parallel to the shore using the spoil to build a berm between the village and the ocean. That way another tsunami would first drain the channel as it approaches and the water recedes. Then as the wave comes in it breaks on the berm and gets swallowed by the now empty channel. Permanent tsunami protection on the cheap!
Then we have to set up an Opti* fleet for the kids. It seems we need somebody in the neighborhood who can kick Russell Coutts' arse!"
I just put this comment on the Diplomad blog. Click above to see all the other comments. Let's see if we can start something with the Aussies!
Update 11:05 AM 1/4/05 Just found great info on Bonhomme Richard group at Adventures of Chester
Update 2:43 AM1/5/05 Here are before and after pictures of Aceh Sumatra to illustrate how an outer sacrificial barrier island can reduce the damage to the inland village. We'd enhance the effect by building a berm (hill) on top of the barrier island.
*For those non-Ozzies out there an Opti is a small sailboat used to teach kids to sail & Russell Coutts is the man who took the America's Cup away from America!


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