Friday, January 07, 2005

ABC News Person(s) of the Week

ABC’s “Person(s) of the Week” are various individuals doing the best they can. Well done to them all. But the real person(s) of the week were too busy to be interviewed very often. They are the helicopter crewmen of the Abraham Lincoln CVN 72! They are the ones whose pictures have dominated the news cycle of this week. All over the globe, there have been pictures of Navy helicopters doing the work that viewers could only hope to do. By now, virtually every human being knows of their achievements. And wait until the nonce! How will the assembled media react to the LCACs of the Bonhomme Richard? I’ll bet they will be more amazed than the tribes of New Guinea who instituted cargo cults after seeing the progenitors of today’s pilots in action during World War II.
Update 1/8/05 5:22 AM - Just read this article about Joviena Kay once a victim of Mount Pinatubo, she now serves on the ship that saved her. Hat Tip - Captain's Quarters
Update 1/8/05 9:48 AM - Michelle Malkin gets it!


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