Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Diagnosis CBS - Cyperaceae Bulimia Clintonista

Cyperaceous - The family of sedges to which papyrus belongs.
Bulimia - A syndrome of bingeing and purging.
Clintonista -The members of the Bill Clinton inner circle.

Symptoms -
1)When Bill Clinton first ran for President, various incriminating documents relating to his past draft status and his visit to Moscow disappeared.
2) When Hillary Clinton was challenged for her commodities trading, the paperwork covering her first, most flagrant trade, were not given to the commodities trading expert for review. Absent this evidence, he could give her a “mistakes were made” report card. If it had been included, it would have failed the smell test of insufficient “earnest money” for the “risk” taken.
3) When Hillary’s health task force was challenged in court the documents were unavailable ( also see Travelgate etc., etc.). Some Rose Law Firm documents mysteriously reappeared in her personal quarters at the White House after two years of intense searching.
4) When the record of the Clinton Administration’s dealings with respect to Osama Bin Laden came before the 9/11 Commission, Sandy Berger was caught stuffing secret documents down his pants.
5) When Al Gore ran against George W. Bush in 2000, documents relating to Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard proved hard to find, almost unavailable, as if someone had thrown they favorable records out. Bill Burkett alleges that he saw such a document purge take place, but did not know the exact content (good or bad) of the documents.
6) When someone approached Bill Burkett with previously unavailable documents “from a personal file”, he assumed they were accurate and presented them to Mary Mapes of CBS, with an admonition to prove their authenticity.
7) Mary Mapes threw caution to the wind and ignored the advice of her experts and ran the story anyway!

Second Opinion Anyone?


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