Thursday, January 13, 2005

Please Mom, I'd Rather Do It Myself!

One of the biggest blindspots of our military planners is their difficulty in dealing with the self esteem issues of our allies! After many years of being a dependent younger brother, they now want to assert their own authority. This is most commonly known as nationalism. And just like Gunny Highway in Clint Eastwood’s Heartbreak Ridge (has it been 20 years already, a generation ago!) we need to adjust. We need to accept the Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla. We need to admire Lt. Ring’s initiative to “phone home”.

So it is with Chester’s reaction to the Indonesian position that they will provide armed security within their own country and US Marines will go about humanitarian work unarmed. Another example was Turkey’s desire to keep the 4th ID from rolling through their country on the way to Iraq. Turkey has been a steadfast American ally since before the Cuban Missile Crisis! But they have been second fiddle so long that they harbor a desire to shout “Please Mom, I’d rather do it myself!” The nations affected by the tsunami are in this position right now. Indonesia expects to need our help through the end of March.
Fine! The Lincoln’s crew got an early recall from their Christmas liberty. Why can’t we learn to say "Thanks" when others say “Mission Accomplished”. Does the Naval War College need to have students start to watch Oprah?
Update: 1/13/05 4:31 AM Just ran across the news that the Navy has just christened the Mesa Verde. "She will honor the Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado. In 1906, Congress established Mesa Verde as the first cultural park in the National Park Systems." Remember the Code Talkers anyone?
Update 1/13/05 - 8:40 AM Added link in heading to Indonesia's official position.
Update 1/13/05 - 2:13 PM Clint Eastwood asks Michael Moore "Go Ahead, make my day"! I LOVE IT!!


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