Saturday, January 01, 2005

Whose Fault? America or Radical Islam

This article in The Australian News by Gerard Baker gives an overview of developing world opinion. He notes that
"INEVITABLY, confronted with a tragedy of unimaginable scale, the human mind looks for someone to blame. In the Dark Ages, disasters were ascribed to the wrath of God. Now, in an odd inversion that we like to think of as progress, they are adduced as evidence of no God.In the absence of a deity to decry or appease when the earth moves in such devastating fashion, humankind reaches for the next best thing - worldly authority. Authority should have known it was coming. Authority didn't do enough to prevent it. Authority was too preoccupied with its own nefarious priorities to care."
And he also takes note of the Blame America First crowd. What he does not ask is
If God/Nature/Secular King is mad at the United States why did he destroy the heartland of Radical Islam in Southeast Asia? Why did he destroy Radical Islamic safe havens such as Northern Sri Lanka and Banta Aceh?


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