Friday, February 18, 2005

Tsunami Update

The latest from PACOM...
Indonesia's president has named several new military chiefs, replacing a tough-talking nationalist general who headed the powerful army with an officer seen as a moderate…
Santoso won praise for helping implement a peace pact between warring Muslims and Christians in the volatile eastern Moluccas islands. Santoso took over as military commander after the deal was signed in 2002...
Analysts said the rise of Santoso -- who holds a masters degree in management and has a background in intelligence -- could dash Ryamizard's hope of heading the military and pave the way for Santoso himself to take the top post.
Nationalist politicians have been rallying behind Ryamizard to become military chief while moderates have wanted Santoso.
While the English-speaking Yudhoyono was seen as a thinking general who feels comfortable with foreigners, Ryamizard was known for his anti-foreign views and harsh attitude towards separatists in Aceh and Papua provinces.
So it seems that the winds of democratic change are blowing strong in the largest Muslim nation in the world as it moves its military closer to the United States Model!


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