Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blog Counter Update

We’ve had some discussions on a site counter. I noted that the data in my profile view was so inaccurate as to give rise to the question, is it worth the bother? Now Little Green Footballs has reported inconsistencies in their counts as it applies to the Darling of Wall Street that supports my host (He That Shall Not Be Named - AKA “Slytherin” - Hat Tip - Harry Potter). Here is the latest
“To recap, we’ve noticed on many occasions that G**gle News does include more than a few sites with, to say the least, serious credibility problems —including hard-core anarchist site Infoshop, Justin Raimondo’s paleocon antisemitic site antiwar.com, barking moonbat lunatic asylum Democratic Underground, radical Islamic jihadi sites khilafah.com and Jihad Unspun, and extremist pro-Palestinian site electronic intifada, to name only a few.”
I did report my problem, so far without result. So the question of the accuracy of the data remains. Given the likely political orientation of Slytherin’s employees and the content of LGF & Machias Privateer, it raises the question, 'Can even paranoids have enemies'? Slytherin does control my servers, it could be as easy as giving you a “cannot find server” message!


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