Sunday, February 13, 2005

America's Princess Wows the European Princes!

It seems the United States is on the road to closer relations with Europe. Condi Rice’s trip is being hailed as a success. But what are the underlying truths here?
1) The United States is the world’s only superpower. There was a little drama as her plane arrived in Belgium. A Secret Service man pushed the Belgian "Protocol Chief" around. If the roles were reversed, we’d be outraged. As it is, we are quite pleased with the outcome, power has privileges! (Via LGF).
2) There was a post on Power Line with the text of a speech by Abraham Lincoln, part of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. It echoes a point I made earlier about how first-generation Americans are different from 12th-generation Americans, in that they still carry traces of the old country and have not yet learned to be American. The truth is that Europeans still labor under the burdens of a class system of royalty and peasants. What else would explain the Princess Di phenomenon? So at its heart, Europe is still a "style over substance" kind of society. This largely explains Europe’s popularity in American’s salons of “Style”; Hollyweird, Madison Avenue, the Democratic Party, Academia and TV.
3) Given Europe’s preference for style over substance, sending Condi Rice as a virtual Princess of America, was a smart move. As the French say, “Make Love Not War”. We’ve sent our Princes before, Colin Powell and Don Rumsfeld. But a meeting of princes tends to bring out the testosterone. A Princess meeting the various eligible Princes induces them to pitch woo! So, in the event, a woman Secretary of State is more likely to reign in these headstrong Princes of Europe without a fight than our Princes did. And there really is no need to re-conquer the Europe we conquered in 1945. We just need cooperation. Love Not War!
What we ought to do as a follow up is send President Bush’s daughters on a “European Vacation”. Let them go and charm the Euros! Make it a real Debutante Ball. The Europeans would eat it up and the girls would have some fun. Lord knows it’s got to be tough being First Daughter! So let them have some fun before they settle into their real jobs!


Blogger Gothamimage said...

Thankfully our embassy apologized for the rude treatment. Bush may be an embarassment, but we can take comfort in knowin that he is only a blip.

When Poweline puts his Brownshirt on, he stinks up the whole blogospehere.

8:48 PM  
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