Friday, February 11, 2005

The Future of Energy Independence!

Discarded Lies has a story on a "nuclear battery" that can provide 10 MWe of power for remote villages (the proposed site is in Alaska). So once the Alaska Wildlife Refuge is depleted, Alaskans will be getting their power in a non-polluting manner from nuclear power! There are other nuclear options that will soon come to the fore. So far, the big unreported story is how utilities have improved the thermal efficiency, operating rate and reduced refuelling time of existing 1000 MWe nuclear plants. The operating cost is about 2 cents /KWH! So a big part of our future will be nuclear. Just don't expect to read about it in the paper anytime soon.
Update 2/12/05 3:28 AM - Fixed link! I now have a witness (Evariste!) that I should have an office twinkie. I just can't afford one on my enormous income of $0.00 and I already have such competent volunteer fact checkers and helpers that I don't think I need a professional! I'll just struggle along with what I've got!


Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Nuclear is the only viable option if you believe the Greenhouse Gas raspberry. We have all this talk about hydrogen, but the advocates conveniently neglect to point out that it takes energy to split the hydrogen from the oxygen. How are we going to do this? Nuclear, or we will HAVE to emit greenhouse gases.

Yet the Hot Air Heads would turn purple if you were to suggest that co2 emissions could be reduced through an increase in nuclear energy. Their only solution is conervation-which tells you what their real goals are.

Nuclear energy is an inevitable part of our future. It`s time we recognized that, and get on with it.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psst-Bruce, you linked to the category :-) Here's the permalink to the post itself: Toshiba's Nuclear Battery Slated For Alaska Town-evariste (ps-thanks for the link)

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