Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Reliability of Exit Polls

Billll comments in the previous post below that the early exit polling indicates that I should add a counter. He believes exit polling. I do not even believe the audited polling of theoretically exact counts of "votes" as represented by my profile!
Recent posts = 17?
Avg Posts Per Week = 8?
Posts Written = 17?
Words Written = 3,719?
Outbound Links = 20?
Recent Posts = 06 November 2004?
So should I believe Profile Views = 241? I DO NOT!!!
Let's try an experiment! Click on Lee's profile which currently is all zeros except Profile Views = 8! We should be able to move this number by having several individuals, who have commented before, look at this profile. If it does not move, we know the numbers are false. Then the question becomes why? It's possible that it is just my profile. It's also possible that some moonbat at the public company that owns the blog provider is manipulating the data to suit his preferences! If so, a counter is meaningless, as is the economic justification for that company's public offering stock price. Let's find out if it is a simple mistake or something more sinister. Visit Lee's profile now!


Blogger Billll said...

So I visited Lees site twice, and no change in the numbers. I don't know anything about how a blog page works, except that there seems to be a good deal of geeky complexity underlying the commentary.
If the complexity of installing a counter is excessive (involves inserting lines of mumbo-jumbo code) or expensive (counter surcharge), then skip it. If it's free and easy, put it in just to satisfy your own curiosity. If the numbers get big enough, it can be used as leverage in setting your advertising rates.

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