Sunday, February 06, 2005

SUV Rollover

The American Spectator has an article on SUV rollovers (click above). This is another one of those problems where the trial lawyers have totally obscured the truth. I even saw a piece of video on TV they were going to try to inject into a Ford Explorer trial where they built a sled with an Explorer mounted sideways and tilted at maybe a 20 degree angle, and with a "curb" at the bottom of the slant. Then they ran the sled up to 60 mph and slammed it into a deadman in the pavement! The sled stopped PDQ! So the Explorer tripped over the "curb" and went spinning (correction "rolling & tumbling") sideways. The ambulance chasers got a nice video of the crash test dummies during the "spin cycle". Of course, real Explorers don't go down the highway sideways at 60 mph before they hit the curb!
I know, bitching about those pesky details again! Why can't I get with the program and learn to love those great visuals? I guess I've just got no future in TV "news"!


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