Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraqi Voters Killing Thugs Doesn't Count In Murder Rate!

Click above for a report on Iraqis killing "insurgent" thugs. Please note that this type of vigilante justice should not count in Iraqi murder rate calculations! It goes under "use of lethal force by police".
On a different point, Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote yesterday about the Kidnapped G.I. Joe Doll
“Some experts say the message written behind the toy soldier and the quality of the handwriting itself are crude and generic, indicating only a basic understanding of the language. It's sorta like footage of anti-American protesters in foreign lands, holding up wannabe-insulting signs with fractured phrases like, "THE WOLVERINE BUSH CANNOT DANCE THE MAMBO!" and, "AMERICKA U SUKS!"
Beyond that, what would be the explanation for an Islamist terrorist group staging a phony kidnapping with a dopey doll? Stupidity?
Or is there now a Baghdad version of "Punk'd"?”
It seems Mr. Roeper does not realize that what’s left of the “insurgency” is the type of illiterate thugs so common on MTV. So yes, Mr. Roeper, it is the Iraqi version of Punk’d.


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