Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bravo Zulu - Abraham Lincoln CSG!

As previously predicted here -The arrival of the hospital ship USNS Mercy has freed the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group to go home and leave the Indonesian tsunami relief effort to others. Here is the transcript
"USNS Mercy arrives in Indonesia; USS Abraham Lincoln prepares to redeploy
OFF BANDA ACEH, Sumatra, Indonesia -- The hospital ship USNS Mercy navigates alongside USS Abraham Lincoln after arriving on station here. Mercy has been forward deployed to assist in humanitarian aid efforts, and will serve as an enabling platform to assist humanitarian operations ashore in ways that host nations and international relief organization find useful. Mercy's arrival marks a significant milestone, as the U.S. military support for relief efforts is transitioned to the Government of Indonesia and professional relief organizations. USS Lincoln will redeploy by the end of this week; other U.S. military forces will redeploy later this month. (U.S. Navy photo)"
They have done a spectacular job of saving lives! As they say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu!


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