Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ou Est Le Charles Degaulle?

Click above for a report on the contributions of the French ship Jeanne D'Arc (Hat Tip - Discarded Lies). No word on when the aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle will arrive (the last guesstimate was April Fool's Day). Hopefully, they will proceed apace allowing the Abraham Lincoln to start home (or more likely, the hospital ship Mercy will arrive and PACOM will take pity on the crew of the Lincoln. The Mercy has arrived in Singapore from San Diego). The Lincoln's main ongoing contributions are command & control, berthing for NGOs and about a dozen helicopters. As the roads etc. get put back together the need for helicopters will decrease. So, allowing the NGOs to move into Mercy and coordinating out of Thailand, may allow PACOM to let the Lincoln finally start home! The crew certainly deserves it!
Here's the latest PACOM chart.

P.S. We should make sure there are plenty of water taxis available (a job for the natives?) so that the NGOs can berth on the Mercy and pate on the Jeanne D'Arc!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the French navy is fully capable of building more than 2 ships - if they didn't run out of national heroes to name them after.

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