Saturday, January 29, 2005

Eric Liu's Graduation Day

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Jan 29 2005 6:42AM
Hey did you see how short and thin and weak-eyed Liu is? And then he showed his command presence by doing this Jody Call on Graduation Day:

Here's your cadence,

Hup, Two Three, Four, Hup Two, Three Four

"I don't know but I've been TOLD
Puffy Combs is kinda BOLD
Got a piece of J Lo's ASS
Thinks he is… the upper CLASS!
Says he is the king of RAP
We all know he's full of CRAP
Gets his rhymes from Dr. SUESS
And his ho's is mighty LOOSE
But when the guns began to
was on the limo... FLOOR
Semper, Semper, Semper FI
All Marine... UNTIL I DIE!

End of day our song's been SUNG
He would lose to William HUNG
He did try to rock the VOTE
Turns out he can't rock a BOAT
Semper, Semper, Semper FI
We will laugh until we CRY
Apples, peaches, MTV
Can we stop? I need to PEE!
Semper, Semper, Semper YO
We will sing as on we GO
And tonight while in our RACKS
Puffy pays his income TAX
And in the morn we'll have more FUN
As we sing... out in the SUN
Semper, Semper, Semper FI
All Marine... UNTIL I DIE


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