Sunday, February 06, 2005

Tsunami Relief Enters Semi Delivery Stage

Regular readers know of my description of the relief delivery stages Fedex to UPS Brown to Semi. Pacific Command (click above) reports that
"Indonesia has dispatched six boats carrying tons of rice to the west coast of tsunami-devastated Aceh as part of moves to cut dependency on foreign aircraft to deliver relief aid.
"We're going back to the traditional way of delivering food supplies. That way, we don't need many helicopters," vice-president Yusuf Kalla said after flagging off the ships at the Banda Aceh seaport.
A relief official said the mid-sized boats, each carrying some 50 tonnes of rice, were among 20 vessels rented by the Indonesian Government.
Jakarta is paying 65 million rupiah ($9,212) for each boat a month."
So things are progressing as expected and quite well on the tsunami relief front! I wonder if Le Charles DeGaulle will turn around for home before ever arriving in Indonesia? There won't be much to do by the time she arrives!


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