Thursday, November 11, 2004

American Thinker #4

Today's American Thinker has another article of mine. This one is Bob Dole, Enigma to the Democrats. It's interesting to see my work after it has been edited by Thomas Lifson. Clearly, it helps to have an objective view. However, my article originally pointed out that Italy is a vital part of what John Kerry called "The coalition of the bribed and coerced". My point is that unlike the French, the Italians, based on their experience, understand the difficulties of setting up a new democracy. They have done the U.S. the honor of imitating our assistance to them in WW II. There can be no better example of the spread of democracy by force of American arms then this.

Update - I knew this was going to appear on Veterans Day, so I checked to see if it was posted at 7 AM C.T. Thomas had added the first post of the day. When I checked again at 8 AM, he had added it. Since he's in the Pacific Time Zone, he was hard at work from 5 to 6 AM local time. It's not exactly like we're sitting in the same room to have a back & forth discussion. So while I think my note above is a useful adendum, it is not meant as a criticism of Thomas.


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