Sunday, November 07, 2004

Post Combat Life Savers (P-CLS)

I find myself wondering why Republicans are wasting so much time refuting Democrats. Why not just start promoting new ideas? I posted one on The Questing Cat. Let’s call it the Veteran Truant Officer. We recruit Purple Heart veterans of the Iraq war to serve as truant officers in inner city schools. Compared to Baghdad, the west side of Chicago is a playground. Have them do in America what they did in Iraq, secure liberty and safe passage to school for children. After checking up on missing students, they could help out around the school. Say give a computer networking demonstration in study hall. Remember that the United States Armed Forces runs the largest post graduate school in the world! (Oh by the way, they would be tough enough to administer an ass-whupping to the typical gangbanger with just their eyelashes!)

The benefit to the kids of having the example of a real life hero daily overcoming his/her limitations would be profound. The benefit to the veteran would be to have an adoring audience of children to validate his personal sacrifice. That’s a win-win situation.

The Republicans have a huge advantage, like our military, they have learned to implement distributed network centric (political) warfare. Let's get inside their decision making cycle and turn the blue states red.

Please Remember our veterans on Veteran's Day November 11!

P.S. Be sure to read Questing Cat's account of Combat Life Savers!


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