Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Chicago Police Marine Unit

It was nice to see old friends on the evening news! The Chicago Police Marine Unit rescued a duck that got stuck in the ice on a pond by Lincoln Park Zoo. A suggestion to Lt. Zuelke & crew. Next time use a toboggan. It will spread the load out more evenly than crawling reducing the possibility of breaking through the ice & it will provide thermal insulation between the diver and the ice so it won’t be SO COLD!

Update 12/23 - Memo to Roe Conn - The reason you rescue a duck is, not only will it avoid incessant pleas for assistance from the PETA crowd, it gives you a chance to run a realistic drill without someone’s life being at risk. If it fails, the only thing lost is a duck’s life. The diver is well protected from the cold and is secured to a lifeline. Be Prepared! The next time it could be a child.

BTW Say Hi to Christina. She really has made progress in controlling her Premature Enunciation!
Update 2 12/27 - While I was away, I saw a segment on the news showing another way to save a frozen duck. They had a fire truck spray water from shore. This melted the ice, freeing the duck without putting any person in danger. And being an aquatic bird, they duck survived the immersion in cold water! Pretty clever!


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