Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I just found I've been blogrolled at Diplomad! That's the second major blog to do so. The first that I know of was Scylla & Charybdis. Frequent readers know about both. Tim at indicated he'd put me at the top of his list, if he ever figured out how to do it (I know the feeling, there is always something more important to do than deal with stuff that ought to be done by my "Office Twinkie" - a position that remains unfilled).
So here are some more of my favorites for you to Google (there is a heavy military bias)
Adventures of Chester (click the heading above for a pre-edited report of the best of the New York Times!)
Belmont Club
Captains Quarters Blog
Discarded Lies
Little Green Footballs
Mudville Gazette
Power Line
Questing Cat
Some newer ones I'm trying
Buzz Machine... by Jeff Jarvis
VDH's Private Papers
Locally, I check the Chicago Sun-Times (I first took it for Mike Royko and old habits die hard!) and for second opinion the Chicago Tribune.
Nationally, I check, Drudge, Newsmax, Opinion Journal & the Wall Street Journal.
Update 1/19/05 11:07 AM - I assumed you all already knew I am a frequesnt contributor and technology correspondent for the American Thinker!


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