Monday, January 10, 2005

Heads Roll @ CBS News

Click above for CBS press report. The Thornburgh Report is apparently 224 pages, which indicates a fairly complete review. I'm sure Bummer Dietz @ will fisk it properly. Note that Gunga Dan did not get the can! That means he'll "Be the one who breaks the story"!! What a way to end a career!
Update 1/10/05 11:42 AM - here is a link to Bummer with my comments below
Update 1/10/05 8:34 PM The basic premise by CBS is that they were blindsided by Mary Mapes and the "villian" (to quote Thornburgh on PBS) is "haste". Well Mary Mapes' reputation was made by her Abu Ghraib report. Greyhawk has a "Torture Test" for you to take to check the veracity of that report . If that report is a failure, CBS needs to answer, WHY? What excuse did they have then? Were they hasty twice? Ha Ha!
Also note that Gunga Dan did not do the Evening News tonight and by the comments in the report has never accepted that the documents are fake! His retraction was made only at the direction of the bosses, and was against his will! Dan, confession is good for the soul.


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