Monday, January 03, 2005

Ignorance is the Lack of Power

Having some interesting discussions on Rathergate with my old buddy Bummer Dietz (click link above). He feels that CBS/Viacom will continue to stonewall the Thornburgh Report as they don't believe in the power of the consumer. They have hidden their businesses through a veil of individual brand names. But piercing the veil is simple enough. And the consumer can have an effect, Just ask the Dixie Chicks!
The numbers are trivial. To have a "material" effect on their earnings, each Bush voter needs to take a bit over one dollar off their bottom line. Do your part!
Tell the kids Spongebob Square Pants' Reserve unit got called up and there will be no new content for the next year. You probably haven't enough influence in your child's life anyway. This will begin to reassert your influence as a parent!
Skip anything Viacom at the movies. Stop watching Entertainment Tonight. No more Paramount Pictures for new releases. No more Paramount Home Entertainment (haven't you wasted enough time Trekkies?). Stay out of United Cinemas theaters.
No more CBS TV. No more United Paramount Network (UPN). No more MTV, MTV2, VH!, Nickelodeon, BET, Nick @ Nite, Comedy Central, CMT or Showtime! Go outside & play! You are already too obese!
Skip the Infinity Broadcast Stations. Read a book from some publisher other than Simon & Schuster.
I think you get the idea.
Correction: I had Billy Bush on the wrong program. He's with Access Hollywood. Still the substance of the original comment is relevant. Billy is a diminutive name appropriate to a frat boy living it up with the hot chicks. I know its fun, but Bill is a man's name.


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