Saturday, February 19, 2005

Colin Powell's Job Search

Click above for an idea I had to help Colin Powell find a new job. He's had a bit of time off as Condi Rice has eased into his old job. It's time for him to get serious about finding out what he wants to do next. So I've posted a comment at the Belmont Club with a suggestion. Here is the complete text of my comment(s), the second of which applies to Colin Powell..
"From the night shift at Pajamahadeen News Network - Is this what you are looking for? Meanwhile, in diplomatic circles…
Does Colin Powell still need a job? I would propose we make him the American Military Attaché to the United Nations! This would then also allow him to run for the post of General of the Army of the United Nations. Why do this/? Because it is obvious that just as Iraq needs training in military matters, the various UN forces need training. And they especially need training and discipline to enable them to mimic American forces, which can be “Your best friend, or you worst enemy”.
Where to start? Offer training similar to our various war colleges for proposed ad hoc “coalitions of the willing“. We start by proposing that the UN sanction a test program. So we ask Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Jordan plus some more experienced powers. Including Australia, Great Britain and the United States to develop a plan for the forcible ejection of Syrian forces from Lebanon, with a follow-on liberation and free elections for Syria.
The project will be known as “Operation Lebanon Freedom”. The United States will provide the commanding General of the Army in the person of Colin Powell. He will do the necessary coordination with the POTUS, SECDEF and JCS to provide the necessary command and control with supervisory forces. Operations will be conducted from the Sixth Fleet Headquarters. Invasion forces will depart from Turkey on the Northern Front, Israel on the South Western Front and Iraq on the Eastern Front. The United States will provide its AWACS and J-STARS aircraft for aerial de-confliction and FAC aircraft directing ground support operations. The Israeli air force will provide air superiority and ground attack air power.
The zones of operation have yet to be defined, by a notional plan would be for Israel to re-occupy southern Lebanon. Lebanese Army and militia forces would occupy the balance of the nation, until such time as they are strong enough to relieve the Israelis. Iraqi and United States forces would occupy eastern Syria from a line running north and south located 10 NM west of the Syrian Presidential Palace. The remaining zone in western Syria would fall under Turkish control.
Launch date for the operation would be one week after the nominal date for free elections in Lebanon, currently scheduled for June, in order to give the Security Council an opportunity to approve the war plan."


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A truly inspired suggestion!

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