Wednesday, March 02, 2005

French Commandos to Join Coalition of the Bribed?

Via Adventures of Chester - click above for report of French commandos approaching the Eastern Mediterranean! Will wonders never cease!
"March 1, 2005: Without much publicity, France has moved the replenishment ship Var to the eastern Mediterranean. The Var contains facilities for running commando operations, as well as facilities for about 200 commandoes and their equipment. France apparently believes that the situation in Lebanon is going to get out of control. Since World War II, France has been something of a big brother for Lebanon, especially the Lebanese Christians. This particular relationship goes back some 800 years, to the time of the Crusades. Currently, the Lebanese are out in the streets protesting the continued presence of Syrian troops in the country. If France is going to get involved, it won’t be with a lot of troops. But you can do a lot with a hundred or so commandoes. The Var has previously supported French commandoes operating in Afghanistan."


Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Given French behavior in recent years I`m not so sure the Lebanese WANT their help.

6:05 PM  
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