Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Red Carpet 2006 - Here We Come!

Click above for Bummer Dietz's "Spun Duckie Woo Woo" post with comments! Here is the text of my comment...
"Hey Bummer! It occurred to me that you must be a "people person" as in "have your people email my people". Does everybody in Hollywood think Amy Lumet is a spun duckie woo woo? Do you know her people?Here's the pitch! She produces a remake of her dad's masterwork - "Network II - The Dan Blather Story"! Starring Jon Stewart as "Dan Blather", Faye Dunaway reprises her Academy Award role as "Mary Japes" yadda, yadda, yadda! So do your "people" thing! Have her people email you as my "people"!"
Hopefully, he'll accept my offer. We could be on the Red Carpet next year. Can you see Amy Lumet with the looks of her mom, Lena Horne, the enhanced bust the whole world saw ("Whatta rack" seems to be the consensus opinion) and an Oscar Winning producer!


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