Thursday, February 24, 2005

End Mortgage Deduction - Save Social Security

Click above for Maureen Dowd's latest Moonbat rant! Now she is trying to get the Bush Administration and the AARP to fight over personalized Social Security Accounts!
Listen, Maureen, it is very simple! If we use a phased elimination of the mortgage interest deduction to fund personal accounts, the Bushies and the AARP can have a "Common Cause"! Retirees don't use the deduction (they've either paid off the mortgage and/or don't have enough income to use itemized deductions). The Boomers will pay off their mortgages during the phaseout. So the principal group losing the deduction is the Gen-Xers & beyond who get personal accounts in return! So who is going to complain when they understand the plan?
Maybe just the over-the-hill Moonbats like you!!!!

Update 2/24/05 8:17 PM - Adding link to previous post. I realized that if you did not read the previous post, you wouldn't know what was in it for the Gen X-ers,
the ability to use funds from Social Security to prepay their mortgages.
That would reduce their monthly payments and make housing more affordable! So by getting the government out of using tax policy to distort the mortgage industry, everybody wins!


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