Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hey! I've Got A Day Job Too!

1) Click above for some more hilarity at !
2) Be sure to go to Bummer Dietz at for the latest Google News news! He just broke 100,000 looks!
3) Captain Ed at is celebrating a successful transplant for his wife, and 5,000,000 looks! I did my share! Congrats!
3) Thanks to the two commenters welcoming WD40, I must be nearing double digit readership!
Meanwhile, it's back to the workaday world, where I have been alpha testing my "Soda water for high rise fires" ideas with some smart guys. It definitely needs more work, but at least they don't think I'm crazy! I'm still "The Professor". They seem to agree the water and carbon dioxide mix is a good firefighting agent. The trick will be to get it to the right place without freezing anything in the riser; or losing flow because it foams in the riser, not as it exits the nozzle. Tough questions when you can't predict what floor the fire will be on, which building, the water temperature or many other variables! I need to chew on these problems!


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