Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iran's Mullah Rats Dig Tunnels, I'm a Terrier!

Click above for an old post at Regime Change Iran. They have a story about how Iran is digging tunnels to protect their enrichment capabilities from "bunker busters". I accidently pulled up this post and decided to make some new comments! I had noted that we could always use a Trident 2 D-5 "silo buster" to defeat the tunnels. Go there and read all three comments. So, just as Scylla & Charybdis was the central bulletin board for Rathergate legal affairs, I've decided to encourage making Regime Change Iran the bulletin board for defeating Iran's mullahs. Keep up the good work!
Update 3/22/05 5:37AM - Corrected date of original RGI post and made a general revision to this post.


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