Monday, March 14, 2005

Re-unification of the Chinese People

It seems the Chinese have voted to try to resist Taiwan's desire for freedom. Click above for the full story. I have a proposed solution, but a little history first. The island was called Formosa and its people the Formosans. After the Communists prevailed in the post-WW II civil war, the Nationalist Chinese moved to Formosa and pushed aside the Formosans in matters of government.
So here is my proposal.
1) The Chinese Communists hold a free and fair election for Premier of China putting up their candidate against a Nationalist Chinese candidate currently living on Formosa. The winner becomes Premier of China! A rematch of the civil war, but at the ballot box not the point of a gun!
2) Formosa holds a free and fair election for Premier of Formosa.
2) The new Premier of China enters into negotitations with the new Premier of Formosa to decide the Taiwanese question. Should they combine into one nation? Should they remain separate nations? Should the Nationalist Chinese return to their native land and leave Formosa to the Formosans?


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