Wednesday, March 09, 2005

China - Will You Control Your Brat or Will I Have To?

Click above for today's update on Iran at Regime Change Iran. They still seem to be a bit feisty. And elsewhere we heard that China was threatening Taiwan. Well, threatening is a two way street. Here is the text of my comment at Regime Change...
"So Mr. Mullah, now that we've established you cannot force the closure of the Straits of Hormuz, would you like to talk about the Straits of Mollucca? It seems the U.S. has new friends in Indonesia who might be willing to impose a "toll" on tanker traffic destined to China. And the Indonesians could use the money to repay the generosity of their friends in Japan & Taiwan, "The Coalition of the Willing Donors", if you will. and unlike the weak Islamic pirates of old, we could establish a tollbooth police department of a U.S. Marine MEU(SOC) with an Admiralty court to sell impounded offender's tankers (i.e. We'd have a way to "Fence" the stolen oil).So the question to you & the Chinese is, do you think 1 billion Chinese people want to go back to being coolies?"
Now our official policy in peace is open navigation of the high seas with free innocent passage through the straits of the world. But that does not abnegate the rights of a country to its territorial waters entirely. After all, you want to charge tolls for passage through the Panama Canal don't you? And if the Canal were closed, who would be hurt the most? All those shipments of cheap Chinese manufactured goods destined for the American East Coast markets? Why if that traffic were disrupted, we'd have to re-open American factories and provide manufacturing jobs at reduced wages to former union employees who had gotten too big for their britches, but were now willing to take any paying job!


Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

I like it-we could call it a Retrograde Excise Tax, or a Source Tariff, or an Ocean Turnpike Fee. The tankers would have to travel through a constricted waterway, and the tanker captain would pay the fee to a man in a little booth (just like any toll road). We could get them going both ways; first with a Source Tariff, then we could make them pay an ``ecology tax`` for running their ships empty on the return voyage! Great idea!

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