Saturday, March 05, 2005

Iran Shows Why They're Part of Axis of Evil

Click above for a story (hat tip - Little Green Footballs) stating that Iran has threatened to end all confidence building measures and start processing fuel to make weapons grade material, if the United States succeeds in getting its actions referred to the United Nations Security Council.
What! I thought the whole world wanted the "cowboy" leader" of the United States to act multilaterally through the UN! Why could anyone possibly object? Could it be that they think the HDBTDC Weapon is closer to fruition than they had thought? If it gets used before Iran has a weapon, then they will never get a chance to threaten to "Use it or Lose it". They'll just lose it!
Who's Bluffing Now?
Update 3/6/05 6:23 AM -
I’m going to give my civilian readers a little background on nuclear warfare as taken from the text “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons”, Third Edition, compiled and edited by Samuel Gladstone and Phillip J. Dolan, prepared and published by the United States Department of Defense and the Energy Research and Development Administration…
Table 6.108 on page 267 indicates that a surface burst weapon will collapse “relatively small, heavy, well-designed underground structures” up to 1.25 times the apparent crater radii. Turning to the Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer inside the back cover we discover that the depth of the crater for dry hard rock is estimated at .022 miles (116 feet), the crater radius is estimated at .05 miles (264 feet) and the ejecta radius is estimated at .12 miles (634 feet). So 1.25 times 634 equals 793 feet. (Aside - Does anyone else remember the plan to dig a new sea level canal to replace the Panama Canal with nuclear weapons?)
Now where did that magic 300 kiloton yield number come from? It is the yield for one of the seven Maneuverable Re-Entry Vehicles (MARV) used on the Trident D-5 sub launched ballistic missile carried by the Ohio Class SSBN submarines. Each submarine carries 24 missiles. Way back when the subs were first proposed, the Circular Error Probable (CEP) was 122 meters (400 feet) for the MIRV version. The MARV is more accurate. They weren’t called “silo-busters” for nothing! We could always surface an SSBN close enough for the Iranians to get a good look! Time on target of a couple of minutes!
So here’s the deal. If you don’t want to play nice and you want to defy the whole international community, the United States will volunteer to do the world’s dirty work and shoot the reprocessing equipment out of the bad guy’s hand. It is exactly what you would expect of The Lone Ranger (note the he was a TEXAS Ranger). We know where it is and we have the firepower to accomplish the mission. No bragging here with talk of creating a glow that would let you read your watch at midnight in Teheran! As Joe Friday would put it, “Just the facts”.


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