Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dictators Can't Stand To Be A Laughingstock!

Today’s Regime Change Iran has a post “Down With Stability” here is my comment…
The Onion has an article “Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy: We’ll Go Through Iran”. The statement reads “coalition air units will leave forward air bases in Iraq and transport munitions to undisclosed locations in Iran. After 72 to 96 hours of aerial-bomb retreats, armored-cavalry units will retreat across the Zagros mountains in tanks, armored personnel carriers, and strike helicopters. The balance of the 120,000 troops will exit into the oil-rich borderlands around the Shatt-al-Arab region within 30 days.” (Note - The editor has it on the authority of BlackFive that the exit strategy actually includes American troops withdrawing from Afghanistan to the west!)
Washington D.C. - In an effort to beat the U.S. Army in its campaign to liberate Iran, the U.S. Navy announced today at 17:51 EST (2251Z) that it had targeted the Iranian tunnels used for nuclear fuel enrichment with Trident 2, D-5 silobusters and that they are holding the town of Isfahan hostage until the mullahs agree to hold a referendum on ending the theocracy in favor of a democratic government. Until such time as the mullahs agree to this demand, the U.S. Marines stationed aboard the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard in the Arabian Gulf (nee Persian Gulf) will board and detain any oil tankers bound for China to search for weapons of mass destruction being smuggled back out of Iran & Iraq. All vessels found to be in violation of United Nations resolutions will be impounded, directed to a U.S. port and their cargo sold by authority of the Admiralty Court. Any remaining disputes will be referred to the World Court and the offenders will be put under an arrest warrant. The matter will then be sent to The World's Policeman, George W. Bush for action!


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