Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shah Pahlavi's Revenge

Click above for another great story at Regime Change Iran. It details all the arguments and counter-arguments for war with Iran. Once again I've added two comments. The first deals with our ability to use Standard 3 anti-ballistic missiles on our navy ships in the gulf to counter any future Iranian nuclear attack on us or Israel. The second details with a plan to re-use destroyers originally built for the Shah as our second strike, nuclear counterforce to Iran's nuclear ambitions. They fire just one nuke our way and we turn them into Mullah Flambe Nuculaire!
Update 3/23/05 5:29 AM - Corrected spelling to Pahlavi. Thanks to Tom Lifson of the American Thinker who also linked to this post. Be sure to check today's Regime Change Iran for even more news and two more of my comments!


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