Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Allah Might Do For the Persian People

Adding to the previous post, I can imagine what Allah might do for the Persian people. He could send a sandstorm that would abrade an oil export pipe line, just as if it were sandblasted by a human hand. The blowing wind would induce a static charge, which would be likely to ignite the spilled oil.

Oooops, a blown pipeline burning wildly in the desert and a country under trade sanctions which prevent calling in the well control specialists. I guess it will just keep burning for a while. Saddam Hussein's revenge using his favorite type of vandalism, sabotaging oil infrastructure.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What Iranians Should Do

Anonymous posted a comment regarding the post below Iran's Electric Grid. I've linked above to a post I made at The Belmont Club with suggestions as to what the Libyan people should do with their new found freedom. Here's an edited version for Iran.

Here is what the United States ought to expect of the newly freed Iranian people.
1) They should guarantee “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to all Iranians.
2) They should collect all MANPADS and other anti-aircraft missiles into a centralized storage area accessible to American inspection as there is no legitimate need for such weapons under an American no-fly zone. They should do this for free, specifically rejecting Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that they would need to be bribed to do the right thing.
3) They should declare Nov 11, 2011 as American Veterans' Appreciation Day and hold parades with bands playing Souza Marches and other patriotic American songs with everyone expected to join the parade, not just watch it. Some samples are &
4) They should start a Persian Spring Cleaning to neaten up the mess that currently exists to make their land presenable for guests to visit.