Saturday, April 16, 2005

Washington's Cruiser Flag

Click above for a link to an animated Washington's Cruiser Flag for sale. It owes a great deal to the inspiration of those citizens of Machias who captured the Margaretta & Diligent. Indeed the pine tree symbolizes the Liberty Pole that had been erected in town, that caused Britain's Lt. Moore to lose his temper. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Day's Work For A Day's Pay?

Lots of good stuff over at Regime Change Iran (click above). I have posted several comments on items in Wednesday's daily brief. I suggest dog training Hezbollah for instance. But I think my favorite is the Forward Air Controller (Woman With Cell Phone) - FAC(WWCP). Go there and read it! It's under the Iran-Chavez alliance item.
My editor at did not publish it (he's got all sorts of contributors, so space is tight), but he told me he thinks it's funny. And be sure to catch my idea there "A Modest Proposal" . Let's see, I've been picking on Hezbollah, the Mullahs, Hugo Chavez and the Democrats. I guess that's enough for one day!
Ciao for now!

Air Travel Security Basics

I've been kind of busy the last few days, especially with having to replace my car's ignition switch. But I did get some things done. I have been thinking about how we need to take charge of our own security. How about we start arming ordinary citizens with walking sticks? Think about it! When I just logged on, the news said that now we're going to ban cigarette lighters on airplanes. How about putting two walking sticks into every row of seats along the aisle. Then if any terrorists try to take over the passengers can beat them to death!
And in rural counties we do the same thing. Think of the money we'd save by eliminating all those Barney Fife's with next to nothing to do except set up speed traps to fund the county government budget! Put walking sticks on every corner in town. When you see a suspicious stranger, whack him a good one!


Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Soldiers' Guide To Machias Privateer 2004 Edition

I’ve been a bit busy posting at regarding Army vs. Marine policies. It seems possible that an army type will wander over here, so I’ve have assembled this list of topics that touched on the U.S. Army in 2004 alone! It will be a quick guide to what I’ve said about them, for very busy people. I have tried not to ignore the fine service of the U.S. Army.
This was my fourth post. It deals with the nature of the enemy we faced in Iraq.
This deals with modern explosives, a subject that would hit the headlines in the election campaign.
This introduces us to The Questing Cat, Combat Life Saver.
This explains my devotion to things naval (it‘s family tradition).
This is my link between Chicago gangs and Iraqi insurgents based on the reports by Annie Sweeney.
This re-affirms my trust in The Questing Cat.
This explains my idea for a South West Asia Treaty Organization.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The "Senior Service"?

Click above for a link to a discussion of a new movie about OIF and the debate on whether it will show the Army or the Marines in a better light (this before the movie has been released!). I have received an edited copy of my previous remarks back from the editors of Proceedings, so they may yet get published, but you've seen them already! Here are my comments on the latest debate at BlackFive...
"Speaking as a civilian, I would suggest you consider the difference in style between the way the Marines and the Army entered Baghdad.
The Marines walked in and then brought up their vehicles to help the Iraqis tear down Saddam's statue.
The army sent its armor on high speed "Thunder Runs" down the highway from the airport to the Green Zone. Two years on, that bit of road is still one of the most dangerous in all Iraq.
So in the light of experience, which proved more effective; walking or driving?
As for the Army being the "Senior Service", back when the Continental Army was truly an 'army of one' (the extraordinary Gen. George Washington) the militiamen of Machias captured H.M.S. Margaretta June 12, 1775 (many days before Bunker Hill) and delivered her crew to the general. They evidently enjoyed it so much they promptly went out and captured another, along with its tender! Knowing a good thing when he saw it, General Washington used his own money to outfit six more privateers, known as Washington's Cruisers and gave them their own distinguishing flag, which can still be bought today! So perhaps the Navy has true claim to being "The Senior Service"!
But who cares today, when we're all part of DOD?"
All of you already know this story and that Gen Washington is my eighth cousin eight times removed. But if some Army types should happen by...

Future Queen Camilla's Birthday

Today marks the occasion of the marriage of my very, very distant cousin Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles. I wish to offer them my congratulations. I particularly wish to honor the bride, who has displayed a traditional loyalty to her lord and liege for about thirty years now, and has done it with a reserve and dignity that can best be described as the traditional “straight upper lip” of British ladies. Such dignity has been sorely missed with the passing of the late Queen Mother Elizabeth, a much beloved figure.
The Weekend Wall Street Journal had an article about the couple which indicated the author, Tunku Varadarajan, thought he should append the honorific “Poor” to Charles' name. Here is what I wrote his editors in response…
“I think you've missed an important point. The Queens Elizabeth I & II did not have the masculine blood lust of Kings. I would hate to be a paparazzi on the day Charles (or his son William) is coronated and no longer subject to maternal restraint! As noted, Great Britain does not have 8th Amendment protection against "Cruel and unusual punishment". One might see the Tower of London restored to its prior prominence, and do you think the public would deny a King avenging his first wife? Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Charles will have had plenty of time to cool off.”
Once he does become King, my advice is to find a British paparazzi who was chasing Diana when she entered that tunnel in Paris and order him confined to the Tower of London for the rest of his life, and he should instruct the guard that if the prisoner should attempt to escape, he should be drawn and quartered! That should help restore a measure of civility to English society! And he should declare that henceforth April 9 shall be celebrated as Queen Camilla’s Birthday with all the pomp and ceremony that once attended the “Queen Mum’s Birthday”. God Save the Future King and Queen of England!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Captain's Quarters Blog

Click above to go to Captain's Quarters for some juicy stuff! I made two posts, one each about Schiavo & Saddam, but check out his ongoing battle with the Canadian government. Those Minnestoans don't take much guff from the Canucks! Go Ed Go!

House Judiciary Committee

My latest thought on the Terri Schiavo case was to contact the House Judiciary Committee (click above for link) and demand they hold hearings asking those involved why she could not get the same level of treatment that we are obligated to provide enemy prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions. Let's start building the basis for impeachment trials for the judges involved!

A Confession

Click above for today's Regime Change Iran news, especially this post and my comment.
But I must confess, this kicking around of tyrants is quite addicting and fun! They try to puff themselves up and we stick in the needle! SWEET!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

June 10, 2005 Will Be Persian Independence Day!

Click above for the latest news at Regime Change Iran. The continuing campaign to reign in the mullahs is meeting with ever more success! Now the opposition has set June 10th as their Independence Day. And 70 million more people will join the Free World!

The Arcane Art of Machine Politics

Click above for a post of mine that was printed in The American Thinker on Monday. It discusses the changing political environment in the suburbs of Chicago. I'd write more, but I'm so far behind in posting that I'll just put in the link. I'll also update the results of the election later.
Update 3/7/05 4:40 AM - Here is my follow up post at The American Thinker.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

My Condolences on the Passing of John Paul II

The Free World lost a fine man with the passing of Pope John Paul II. I offer my Roman Catholic friends my sincere condolences. I would also offer the suggestion that some of their sadness could be lifted by listening to Emmy Rossum sing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from the soundtrack to the move The Phantom of the Opera. The United States would be well served if we asked her to repeat this outstanding performance at the funeral ceremony for the Pope.
In a powerful combination of the spiritual with a non-denominational sentiment, the song expresses a true emotion. Miss Rossum’s performance is breathtaking and was performed when she was only eighteen years of age, a remembrance of the Pope’s connection with the world’s youth. Be sure to listen to an excerpt from it (track 4 on disc 2) by clicking here and selecting the eleventh sample.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Impossible Dream

Those of us old enough to remember the Broadway show, Man of LaMancha, know the song "The Impossible Dream". It seems our fight to save Terri Schiavo was such a dream. But the honor is in the effort more than the result. We fought a good fight. We did our best. This is the third time I have been involved in a situation where someone's life was in doubt and I went to the rescue, but failed. Time taught me that lesson. So be of good cheer, all my fellow fighters. That which does not kill you makes you stronger! For the record, here is a copy of my last email on her behalf, written to the publisher of the newspaper, Florida Today...
" When is someone in Pinellas Park going to call 911 for an ambulance to take Terri Schiavo to the emergency room where all the speculation about her medical condition can be answered?

Her husband has failed her.
Her parents have failed her.
The courts have failed her.
The politicians have failed her.
The mayor of Pinellas Park has failed her.
The Pinellas Park Board has failed her.

So will the people of Pinellas Park be the last to fail her?

It is your police department that has blocked aid to her.
It is your ambulance that is legally obligated to take anyone with life threatening conditions to the hospital.

So who will dial the phone? The number is 911!

How can you all be so cruel? The poor woman has been kept cooped up in a room for years. You would take a newly born child, bundle her up, put her in a stroller and take her for a walk in the sunshine. Why can't you put Terri Schiavo in a wheelchair and walk her to the emergency room? Why you'd even take a dog for a walk in the sun, but can't find it in your hearts to do the same for a woman?

DIAL 911!"

Capt. Maynulet's Conviction As Teaching Moment

Over at Blackfive (click above) there is a discussion of the conviction of Army Capt. Manulet. I recommend you go there and read it all. I have two posts, this is the second, written in response to some other comments posted there...
"Every day on America's highways over 100 people die violent deaths. We can infer that police officers find grievously wounded Americans, fated to die. We do not sanction the police officer using his weapon to apply the coup de grace in the name of "mercy"! The question of right or wrong is easy, he was wrong.
But that leads us to the question of why did he not understand he was wrong. Firstly, because the decision he had to make was above his pay grade. That is why he was trained not to do what he did. That is why we have a chain of command. He acted with indiscipline! However, there are many mitigating factors. It seems overly harsh to punish him when ogres like George Felos have widespread public support! So maybe we should make this a teaching moment.
Acting out of some combination of fear and/or anger, Captain Maynulet did wrong. We need to strengthen our training to prevent a recurrence here and in other situations. For example, there is much to suggest that a similar fear and anger based lack of fire discipline, in those early days of the occupation of Fallujah, inflamed the insurgency. The old Vietnam era Army ethos of "Kill them all and let God sort it out" is not yet dead. Many good soldiers have died in Iraq because of this failing of leadership. Let us resolve to improve the training of our soldiers so that they remember their mission is to preserve "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", not blast everything in sight."
Update 4/5/05 3:54 PM - Ooops! I have fixed the link. Since this original post, I have made several comments at BlackFive. It got to be a very intense debate. You must read it to get the whole flavor, but the inescapable conclusion is that had Terri Schiavo been an enemy POW, the Geneva Conventions would have prevented the removal of her feeding tube! Captain Maynulet has been ordered dismissed from the Army, the equivalent of the punishment in the old Rin-Tin-Tin TV show, where they cut off a guy's buttons and drummed him out of the cavalry.