Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Soldiers' Guide To Machias Privateer 2004 Edition

I’ve been a bit busy posting at regarding Army vs. Marine policies. It seems possible that an army type will wander over here, so I’ve have assembled this list of topics that touched on the U.S. Army in 2004 alone! It will be a quick guide to what I’ve said about them, for very busy people. I have tried not to ignore the fine service of the U.S. Army.
This was my fourth post. It deals with the nature of the enemy we faced in Iraq.
This deals with modern explosives, a subject that would hit the headlines in the election campaign.
This introduces us to The Questing Cat, Combat Life Saver.
This explains my devotion to things naval (it‘s family tradition).
This is my link between Chicago gangs and Iraqi insurgents based on the reports by Annie Sweeney.
This re-affirms my trust in The Questing Cat.
This explains my idea for a South West Asia Treaty Organization.


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