Friday, December 10, 2004

Nominating Committee

Today the city building committee evidently approved the basic Bernie Stone plan to retrofit commercial buildings with sprinklers, but not require them for residences. So the next question is can we create a nominating committee for the investigative panel. I’d approach these people to either serve or suggest nominees. Number one would be the Illinois State Fire Marshal. We know Stephen O’Malley of Gage-Babcock & Associates has an interest because of his op-ed. Everyone probably already knows Underwriters Laboratories. An interesting company (and one with which I used to do business) is Chemetron Fire Systems. If anyone is still there from the seventies, it would be quite interesting to have his comments on the 111 E. Wacker fire that killed Nancy Clay. Chemetron occupied that space immediately before they moved out and Ms. Clay’s employer moved in. They would be intimately familiar with the layout of the space. Another major player is Reliable Fire Equipment. A side benefit for the conspiracy buffs is that all of these entities are located outside Chicago. To wit, Springfield, Oak Brook, Northbrook, Matteson & Alsip; so they would also serve a mutual aid function of spreading the knowledge outward as well as inward. They comprise a mix of government, engineering, independent testing laboratory, manufacturing and distribution/installation. A representative slice of the stakeholders.

I'd also suggest enlisting the aid of former commissioner Joyce, who got beat up in the press, but mainly because he was protecting his men & department. He would seem to be a stalwart advocate for the firefighters on the front line. And he certainly has demonstrated the personal courage and experience to be a contributor.

We'll see if anybody reads my blog if some of these names start to circulate in public circles!


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