Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mayor Richard Daley's Saving Grace

I sent another story to The American Thinker regarding Richard Daley's son, Patrick Daley enlisting in the Army. I have been a critic of Mayor Daley, but I think he can be redeemed. Now I find further evidence of this belief. Chicago Sun-Times crime reporter, Annie Sweeney, has been living out a theory of mine. That fighting insurgents in Iraq is quite similar to fighting street gangs in Chicago. Her article on the declining murder rate in Chicago is worth a separate post, but I would like to comment on an observation she made. Ms. Sweeney notes that he was embarrassed when Chicago had more murders than either New York or Los Angeles, so he went to study how others reduced their murder rates. That may be his saving grace, his ability to feel shame or inadequacy and then do something about it. It certainly is not a trait one would associate with Bill Clinton or John Kerry.


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